Canine Dental

The following photos are of four-year-old Bichon Frise "Mitu" as he spends the day with Snow Animal Health Care to get his teeth cleaned. In dental lingo - that's called a "scale & polish". Check out the photos as you follow Mitu through his dental day.


Before Dental - Visible tartar on all teeth. The tube in Mitu's mouth is called an endotracheal tube. This tube delivers gas anesthesia and oxygen to him while he is having his dental procedure.


Dental procedure tools. The large box on the back of the table is the water blanket regulator. All animals under anesthesia are placed on a warm water blanket to help control their temperature. The water blanket is placed over a foam filled mattress pad that helps cushion the animals while they are laying on the surgery table.

The small monitor on the right of the table is a pulse-ox monitor. It continually checks and reports the animal's blood oxygen rate and heart rate.  


Feline and canine dental patients undergo anesthesia just as if they were having surgery. In this photo you can see the anesthesia machine in the background.  


Ultrasonic scaling of the incisors, canines and molars to remove tartar

 Dental after small dog cropped web _1.jpg

Mitu after his dental - clean healthy teeth!