Feline Spay

Take a tour with six-month-old "Mikey" the calico as she goes through her feline spay surgery. A delightful patient, Mikey loves it here at Snow Animal Health Care and also loves having her photo taken!




 Getting weighed in.




Mikey's wellness exam before surgery.





Drawing Mikey's blood for pre-anesthetic bloodwork and a Feline leukemia/FIV/Heartworm test ,





 Our technician Katie running Mikey's FELV/FIV/Heartworm test. The results are available in 10 minutes.


 Mikey's Negative FELV/FIV/Heartworm test. The blue dot is the control marker for the test. A positive test would have additional dots below the blue control marker.


 Administering pre-anesthetic medication to help Mikey feel sleepy.




 Once Mikey falls asleep, an endeotracheal tube is placed into her airway. This tube delivers oxygen and gas anesthesia to her during her surgery. The red respiratory monitor on the end of the tube signals a beeping sound every time she takes a breath. If she does not take a breath on her own for several seconds the monitor signals an alarm.



Surgery prep - clipping...


and scrubbing.





Mikey all prepped and ready for her spay. The small grey machine to her left is a pulse-ox monitor. It is connected to her tongue and continually monitors and displays her blood oxygen level and heart rate.  


Here, the surgical site is draped and Dr. Snow has begun the incision.



 Feline female reproductive tract - pictured are the ovaries and uterus which will be removed. If you look closely you can see Mikey's white paw and the tip of her black tail sticking out from under the drape.



 Closing the incision.




The closed incision.



Surgery is complete and the gas anesthesia has been turned off. At this time she is still receiving supplemental oxygen but is not awake enough to have  her endotracheal tube removed. During this time her temperature, respiratory rate and pulse are monitored and recorded.



 Awake and resting quietly shortly after surgery.




 Mikey - the morning after her surgery - awake and ready to go home!