Providing a Range of Services to the Pets of Eaton Rapids

At Snow Animal Health Care in Eaton Rapids, MI, we provide many services to pets of our community. Dog owners, cat owners, and even exotic pet owners all bring their pets to our facility for important medical services. As a full-service veterinarian, we're here for your pet throughout his or her lifespan. Whether you're seeking services for your brand new kitten or your aging canine, you can take your pet to our Eaton Rapids clinic for the following services:

female veterinarian holding a cat in Eaton Rapids

  • Wellness exams. Wellness exams help us detect pet health problems before they become unmanageable. During your pet's wellness exam, we'll inspect your pet's ears, eyes, mouth and coat. We'll also check your pet's blood and feces for indications of illnesses and parasites.

  • Dental care. Dental care is just as important for pets as it is for people. Pets who don't get adequate dental care can suffer from problems like loose and lost teeth, painful teeth and gums, cracked teeth and more. At Snow Animal Health Care we examine pet teeth, remove plaque, and perform extractions as needed, so your pet can have a clean mouth and fresh breath.

  • Spaying and neutering. Spaying and neutering helps the residents of Eaton Rapids control the pet population. Even better, spaying or neutering your pet can help protect your pet from diseases like cancer in later years. We fully encourage pet owners to spay or neuter their pets. If you're not sure if spaying and neutering is right for your pet, feel free to set up an appointment to ask your questions about the procedure.

  • Surgery (including orthopedic). We perform basic surgeries such as declawing as well as the following specialty procedures: Gastropexy, Biopsy and Mass Removal, as well as Soft Tissue Surgery. Whether your pet has become injured or has developed a condition that is treated with surgery (like some cancers), our Eaton Rapids veterinarians have the equipment and skills to help your pet through their procedures.

  • Ultrasound and radiography. Our in-house diagnostic tools help us determine what's wrong when your pet has become injured or ill. Having this done at our own facilities means that we don't have to send your pet to another facility for testing so that you can find out what’s going on as soon as possible!

  • Online pharmacy. Our online pharmacy is available for your convenience, so you can purchase your pet's medication when it's needed.

  • Laser therapy. Laser therapy provides pain management for pets suffering from a variety of conditions and illnesses.

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If you're seeking a veterinarian in Eaton Rapids, contact Snow Animal Health Care. We're proud to be a full-service healthcare provider for the pets in our community. We also educate pet owners on topics relating to pet care, so that pet owners in Eaton Rapids, Charlotte and Mason can be the best pet owners possible! Whether your pet is young or old, in good health or facing health challenges, we'll be happy to help your pet get the care that he or she needs.

For more information about our veterinary services or to schedule an appointment at Snow Animal Health Care, call us today at 517-663-4000!