Canine Vaccinations

Canine Vaccinations in Eaton Rapids

Keeping your dog’s vaccinations up-to-date is just one of many responsibilities you have as a dog owner. Whether you have a puppy, and older dog, or anything in between, there are some vaccines and immunizations that your pet likely needs at least once every few years. At Snow Animal Health Care in Eaton Rapids, MI, we specialize in providing puppy vaccinations and dog vaccinations right here in our clinic.

Dogs after canine vaccinations at Eaton Rapids veterinarian

Why Vaccinations Matter

So, why is keeping your dog up-to-date on all its vaccinations so important, anyway? For starters, vaccinations and immunizations help to protect your dog from any number of diseases and illnesses, so they help keep your pup happy and healthy. Not to mention, keeping dogs properly vaccinated reduces the spread of disease and keeps the canine population as a whole in better health.

Of course, if you ever board your dog or bring it to a doggy daycare or dog park, you will also need to provide paperwork proving that your pet is up-to-date on these vaccinations.

Rabies Vaccine for Dogs in Eaton Rapids

One of the most important vaccines your dog will need throughout its life is the rabies vaccine for dogs in Eaton Rapids. Generally, a dog is first vaccinated against rabies as a puppy, and the vaccine is repeated a year later. From there, most dogs are good to receive the vaccine in three-year increments for the rest of their lives. This helps to protect them from contracting this serious and contagious disease that can otherwise be spread to other animals and even humans.

Other Required Dog Vaccinations

Aside from the rabies vaccine, there are a number of other dog vaccinations that may be required for your pet. For example, the DHPP vaccine is typically recommended once every three years once your dog hits adulthood, and DHLPP may also be recommended by your vet depending on your dog's specific risk factors.

Bordatella is another common vaccination given to dogs to protect them from a bacterial illness that can cause a hacking, painful cough in dogs and is highly contagious. Your veterinarian will be able to help you determine whether or not your dog should receive this vaccine and, if so, how often.

Why Trust Our Eaton Rapids Veterinarian?

Our Eaton Rapids veterinarian staff here at Snow Animal Health Care has years of experience in administering vaccinations and immunizations to dogs and other pets alike. Allow us to make sure your dog is up-to-date with its vaccinations during your next visit. Our team will also take the time to explain any vaccinations and their potential side effects or risks before we administer them so you're well informed.

If you're looking for a full-service veterinary clinic in Eaton Rapids that you can trust with all of your pet's health and wellness needs, Snow Animal Health Care is here to help. Contact us or give us a call at 517-663-4000 to schedule your appointment; we proudly serve the areas of Charlotte and Mason as well, and look forward to hearing from you.