Feline Vaccinations

Feline Vaccinations from Our Eaton Rapids Veterinarians

A special cat deserves special care -- and all cats are special to our team at Snow Animal Health Care. Whether your cat sees Dr. Snow or Dr. Remsberg, you can be confident that your Eaton Rapids veterinarian can provide all the necessary care to help ensure a long and happy life -- including vaccinations. Feline vaccinations can literally mean the difference between life and death, and that's why we urge cat owners in Eaton Rapids to schedule them as directed, from early kittenhood through a cat's senior years.

eaton rapids veterinarian with cat for feline vaccinations

The Importance of Cat Vaccinations

If cats' bodies produced all the disease immunity they needed from birth, there would be no need for vaccinations. Unfortunately, that isn't the case. The mother cat transfers some disease protection to her kittens, but after a few weeks that second-hand protection vanishes and the kittens are left vulnerable to some extremely dangerous diseases. To "jump-start" the body into creating antibodies against these diseases, we administer a vaccine. A vaccine is a killed or inert sample of the disease organism that still bears enough resemblance to the live disease to fool the body into producing antibodies to fight it. 

Core Vaccinations from your Veterinarian in Eaton Rapids

Your veterinarian in Eaton Rapids can provide essential or "core" vaccinations when your kitten is just a few weeks of age. These core vaccinations are required protection against some of the worst disease threats commonly faced by the cat community. Chief among these killers is rabies, a neurological infection that always kills its host and is easily transferred by the bite of a rapid animal. Your cat also needs core vaccinations against rhinotracheitis, panleukopenia and feline calici virus. Some cats also benefit from optional vaccinations against disease such as Bordatella or feline leukemia. We can discuss whether your cat might need such elective vaccinations.

Scheduling Cat Vaccinations in Eaton Rapids

Several rounds of core cat vaccinations administered during the first year of life provide solid disease protection -- but don't assume that you're finished scheduling cat vaccinations in Eaton Rapids! Vaccines eventually lose their potency, which means that your cat will lose his immunity. That's why your Eaton Rapids veterinarian will recommend a schedule of booster shots to help keep your cat as safe and healthy as possible, year after year. It's a reflection of the compassionate care and attention to detail that we work to provide for every patient at our clinic.

Protect Your Eaton Rapids, Charlotte or Mason Cat

Snow Animal Health Care is happy to be the trusted source of veterinary care for pet owners throughout Eaton Rapids, Charlotte and Mason. We'd be delighted to have you and your cat experience our dedication to quality as well. Let's start by providing your feline friend with a lifetime of disease protection. Call us today to schedule vaccinations from your dedicated veterinarian in Eaton Rapids!