Pet Vaccinations FAQ

Pet Vaccination FAQs From Your Eaton Rapids Veterinarian

In any conversation about pet adoption or health care, the word "vaccinations" inevitably comes up. But why are pet vaccinations such a big part of the conversation, what do you need to know about them and why do your pets need them so badly? Here are some answers to frequently asked pet vaccination questions from your Eaton Rapids veterinarian.

Dog waiting for vaccinations after FAQ with Eaton Rapids Veterinarian

  • What exactly is a vaccine? A vaccine is a form of the virus or other disease organism that has been deactivated -- that is, it can no longer infect your pet, but your pet's body still sees it as the active germ. This causes the immune system to swing into action and produce antibodies to protect against the disease in question.

  • Are vaccinations safe? With very few exceptions, vaccinations are completely safe for pets. Occasionally an animal may experience mild allergic or other reactions. The risk of not vaccinating your pet is a much more dangerous one to take.

  • Isn't my pet born with some sort of disease protection? Puppies and kittens typically do receive some disease protection courtesy of their mother, but that second-hand protection doesn't last long. Once it fades, your baby friend has no natural protection against certain killer disease until your vet administers vaccinations.

  • What kinds of vaccinations do all dogs and cats need? Your veterinarian in Eaton Rapids administers a set of essential vaccinations called core vaccinations. These core vaccinations guard against the most common and serious threats to your pet's health; some of them may be combined into a single shot.

  • What the core vaccinations for dogs? Canine core vaccinations protect against rabies, infectious hepatitis, canine parvovirus and canine distemper.

  • What are the core vaccinations for cats? Feline core vaccinations protect against rabies, feline calici virus, panleukopenia (feline distemper) and rhinotracheitis.

  • Will my pet require other types of vaccinations? Your veterinarian in Eaton Rapids may recommend non-core vaccinations depending on your pet's particular lifestyle and risk. Pets who are frequently board alongside other animals, for instance, should be immunized against canine influenza and/or Bordetella. Animals who are frequently exposed to ticks may need protection against Lyme disease.

  • When should my pet receive vaccinations? We recommend starting the core vaccinations at around 6 to 8 weeks of age, with several rounds in the first year to provide full immunity. Be aware that you'll need to schedule periodic booster shots with your Eaton Rapids veterinarian to keep the protection from fading. Your Eaton Rapids veterinarian can advise you as to the booster shot schedule.

Schedule Pet Vaccinations for Your Charlotte, Mason or Eaton Rapids Animals

Now that you've examined some of the most important points about pet vaccinations, make sure you're doing the right thing for every dog and cat in your Charlotte, Mason or Eaton Rapids home. Call Snow Animal Health Care to schedule vaccinations with any Eaton Rapids veterinarian on our trusted team!