Spay & Neuter Surgery

Spay and Neuter Surgery in Eaton Rapids, MI

At Snow Animal Health Care in Eaton Rapids, MI, we believe preventative care is the foundation of a long and healthy life for every pet. If your cat or dog still has reproductive organs (testicles or ovaries), your Eaton Rapids veterinarian may recommend spay or neuter surgery as part of their preventative wellness regimen. Reduce your pet's future health and behavioral risks, and schedule this routine pet surgery at our Eaton Rapids animal hospital.

dog and cat before spay and neuter surgery with veterinarian in eaton rapids

Benefits of Spaying or Neutering Your Pet With Your Eaton Rapids Veterinarian

Not sure whether to schedule a spay or neuter procedure? If your dog or cat is still "intact", your pet is more vulnerable to the following risks:

  • Cancer – Some types of cancer are much more common in intact animals. Spaying or neutering nearly eliminates the risks of uterine, ovarian, testicular, and other reproductive cancers, while it dramatically decreases the risk of bone and breast cancer for some pets.

  • Escapes – Reproductive hormones tell pets to seek out potential mates, which may lead to frequent escapes or escape attempts.

  • Fights – Neutering a male pet will usually decrease or eliminate instances of territorial aggression, but it's important to schedule the procedure before their aggressive instincts become habits.

  • Urinary Infections – Intact male cats face especially high risks of urinary infections, but neutering decreases their chances.

  • Overpopulation – If your pet comes into contact with other intact pets, unwanted pregnancies may be the result.

Our Safety Protocol for Spay and Neuter Surgeries

Our veterinarians know every patient is a beloved member of a local family. We treat your pets like our very own, enforcing a strict risk management protocol for every pet surgery. We administer anesthesia gradually, making sure your dog or cat is comfortable and their heart and lungs have no abnormal responses. Our goal is to reduce risks as much as possible while closely monitoring the vital signs for any slight changes. Spay and neuter surgeries are among the most common, routine, and low-risk surgical procedures that we perform, but our staff is always prepared to treat emergency complications.

Take-Home Medications and Post-Op Vet Care

After your pet is spayed or neutered, we'll send you home with pain medication and detailed instructions for their recovery. Dissolvable stitches and responsible at-home care will reduce your pet's need for follow-up visits, but we encourage you to call us if you notice any abnormalities. Spaying is a more intensive and invasive procedure than neutering, but both procedures require relatively little rest and recovery before your pet is back to normal.

Schedule Your Pet Surgery with an Eaton Rapids Veterinarian

Our Eaton Rapids veterinarian serves families throughout Eaton County and the surrounding area. Whether you need a veterinarian in Charlotte MI, Mason MI, Onondaga MI, or Eaton Rapids MI, our animal hospital is in a central location for your convenience, and we're eager to meet your family. Call today to schedule a spay or neuter surgery with a talented veterinarian in Eaton Rapids, MI.