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Snow Animal Health Care is Proud to be Your Veterinarian in Eaton Rapids

Welcome to Snow Animal Health Care where we believe the pets of our community all deserve the best in medical care.  As your veterinarian located in Eaton Rapids, we're proud to serve your pet with quality medical care that you can rely on. Located in Eaton Rapids, Michigan, we service those in Eaton Rapids, Charlotte, Mason, and the surrounding Michigan communities.  We provide services for pets of all ages, from the youngest kitten to the oldest dog. Whether your pet is in need of standard medical care or emergency treatment, we're here to help.

Our Veterinary Services

Our services run the gamut, so your pet will be covered no matter what stage of life he or she is currently experiencing.

  • Spaying and Neutering. Cats and dogs are spayed or neutered when they're young so they can reap the full benefits of these procedures. Pets that are spayed and neutered early enough may be less likely to experience certain behavior problems and may also be less likely to contract some types of diseases.

  • Wellness exams. Wellness exams are critical for young, middle aged and senior pets. During exams, we look for early signs of illnesses and medical conditions. This preventative care can help keep your pet in good health and can help improve your pet's quality of life.

  • Vaccinations. You may think that only very young pets need vaccinations, but this is not the case. Pets continue to need booster shots throughout adulthood to maintain immunity to common illnesses and deadly diseases. We track each pet's vaccination schedule, so pet owners always know when it's time to get the next shot.

  • Dental care. Pet dental care is critical for cats and dogs. Just like people, pets need to have their teeth cleaned, their cavities filled and their dental disease treated. We perform all dental services from fillings to extractions. We'll also teach you to identify the signs of dental disease and help train you to brush your pet's teeth.

  • Diagnostics. We use diagnostic tools like ultrasound images and our in-house lab to diagnose your pet's condition accurately.

  • Laser Therapy. Laser therapy is a medication free pain relief technique that soothes deep-tissue injuries, chronic pain and post-operative discomfort.

Servicing Pet Owners in Eaton Rapids and Surrounding Areas

We want everyone to be able to reach our services when they're needed. We welcome all pets in the Eaton Rapids, Mason, Charlotte and surrounding areas to visit us for treatment from a quality and caring veterinary staff. We're always happy to help you find our facility. If you have questions about where our office is located or how to make an appointment, we encourage you to call.

Whether your pet needs a checkup, dental care or other service, we encourage you to call Snow Animal Health, your Eaton Rapids veterinarians, and make an appointment today. Call us at 517-663-4000 to find out more. Our caring staff will be happy to answer your questions

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