surgeryThere are times your beloved pet needs more than just routine veterinary care. Sometimes, Fluffy or Fido needs surgery. It doesn’t even have to be for a serious issue. Many minor issues in veterinary medicine are taken care of with surgery. Here at Snow Animal Health Care, we are your preferred veterinarian, and you can trust your pet’s welfare to us.

We only use the most state of the art equipment, and our veterinary personnel are all highly skilled and given the best training available. Each animal is continually monitored by a licensed veterinary technician both during and after any surgical procedure, to make sure they stay safe, healthy, and ready to come back to you as good as new.

Here are some of the surgical services we offer at our Eaton Rapids Veterinarian office.

  • Spay–This simple surgical procedure is routine in the veterinary world. It is simply sterilizing your female pet so she can’t breed. It is done with general anesthesia and a small incision. Pets can go home the same day.
  • Neuter–Also routine, this sterilizes your male pet, preventing him from impregnating a female one. Like with the spay procedure, the neuter also eliminates the sexual drive in the animal if it is done at a young enough age, so he won’t be acting out in this way with other pets, either. Neutering is done under either general or regional anesthesia, and most pets can go home the same day. Recovery is quick and virtually painless. Spay and neuter procedures are among the most common surgical procedures in veterinary medicine.
  • Declaw–If you’re tired of having your cat scratch you or the furniture (or both), you can opt to have yours declawed. This procedure involves taking off the top joint on each of your cat’s toes, since the claws are located there. Your pet will usually stay with us overnight, and will need bandaging and heavy painkillers for a few days after the procedure.
  • Gastropexy–Usually done on dogs, this procedure untwists a bloated stomach by attaching it with sutures to the abdominal wall. It can prevent stomach rupture from the build-up of gasses trapped by the twisting. It is also used to treat acid reflux disease in dogs.
  • Biopsy and Mass Removal–If your pet needs a biopsy, we can do it. We are also able to remove anything on your pet that shouldn’t be there. Both procedures can be done under general or regional anesthesia, and your pet typically goes home the same day.
  • Soft Tissue Surgery–Muscle, ligament, cartilage, and tendon repair can all be done at our office. Recovery time and the length of time before your pet goes home varies according to the procedure and the individual needs of your pet.