radiologyAt Snow Animal Health Care, your veterinarian, we take complete pet health care seriously. That’s why we have advanced pet diagnostics services, such as radiology, located conveniently on site.

On-Site Radiology From Your Eaton Rapids Veterinarian Saves Time – and Lives

Having radiography services quickly accessible for our veterinary patients helps ensure proper diagnosis and the quickest possible treatment for your pet from our Eaton Rapids veterinarian. In an emergency, this can save your pet’s life. For less-serious issues, having a radiology department here at our location is extremely convenient for our pet patients and their caretakers.

If you’ve ever visited your personal physician and been referred elsewhere for an x-ray (radiography) of your wrist or lungs/chest, for example, you will understand. There is immense efficiency gained by having immediate access to radiology at the same location where you’ll be treated. When you bring your pet to our veterinarian, you’ll have no need to drive (or make an appointment) elsewhere for radiography, then await results and return for treatment. All of the pet diagnostics can be done right here from your Eaton Rapids veterinarian.

High Tech Pet Diagnostics

If your pet requires an x-ray to confirm a diagnosis, we perform digital radiography to capture the image of the injured area. Digital x-rays offer important advantages, including:

  • Digital x-rays don’t involve film, as traditional x-rays do, so there is no need for film processing prior to seeing the results.
  • Digital images can be easily shared via email if necessary, to confer with another vet, for example.
  • Enlarging digital images is simple and takes only seconds.
  • Digital x-rays are easily filed away in the computer, and remain intact, without risk of becoming damaged in a physical file.
  • Digital radiography uses much less radiation than traditional x-rays, so there is little concern about radiation exposure if several images need to be taken for our Eaton Rapids Veterinarian.

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